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39 inches through 96 inches Awning Image

39" - 60" Awning $799

60.5" - 96" Awning $899

3 year warranty | Save on energy costs | Smart Technology

Sol-Lux is the revolutionary smart window awning system that helps protect your furniture and flooring from fading and deterioration. Plus you’ll reduce energy consumption and save big time on AC costs each summer. Using free solar power, your Sol-Lux awning will extend itself on sunny mornings and retract at night through autonomous smart technology. Sol-Lux awnings are custom designed to match any exterior décor and comes with a 3 year warranty

Start designing your beautiful Sol-Lux awning today and experience shade...reimagined.

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Solar Powered Awning

Solar Powered

Save on energy costs!

Awning DIY Installation

DIY Installation

So easy you can do it yourself!

Automatic Awning Operation

Automatic Operation

Opens and Closes with sun

Customizable Awnings


182 case and 74 fabric colors!

Low Maintenance Awning

Low Maintenance

No need for constant upkeep

Mobile Device Application Controls

Mobile Device Controls

Control your awning remotely

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