Eos Home Window Awning


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  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Save on Energy Costs

  • 30" Extension

  • 39" - 60": $549

  • 60.5" - 96": $599

The Sol-Lux Eos Home Window Awning is a solar powered home window awning that opens and closes automatically with exposure to the sun. When sunlight hits the sensor on the Eos, the awning automatically extends to provide shade and comfort inside of your home. When the sun moves away from the sensor, the awning automatically retracts, enclosing itself inside its protective case.The Sol-Lux Eos home window awning is simple to use, easy to setup, and offers a variety of colors and fabric options to blend into your home perfectly! The Sol-Lux Home Window Awning is truly…SHADE REIMAGINED!

Solar Powered Awning

Solar Powered

Save on energy costs!

Awning DIY Installation

DIY Installation

So easy you can do it yourself!

Automatic Awning Operation

Automatic Operation

Opens and Closes with sun

Customizable Awnings


182 case and 74 fabric colors!

Low Maintenance Awning

Low Maintenance

No need for constant upkeep

Mobile Device Application Controls

Mobile Device Controls

Control your awning remotely

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